Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fourth of July Weekend Festivities

Fourth of July is one of my favorite days in NoMi. We have a beautiful, waterfront, park-like setting to enjoy good friends, good food, good drinks and a great fireworks show. Across America, the words "fireworks show" conjures up images of some municipal festival, organized display or big choreographed event with hundreds of spectators gathering in one main spot with blankets and picnic baskets.

Well, in NoMi, there is not so much choreographing.  Not so much organization. Rather it is left to happenstance. Whatever will be, will be. The neighborhood always puts up a good show and some how backyard fireworks displays across dozens of blocks in a full radius find the perfect way to compliment and coordinate.  Orchestrated happenstance.

Here are some photos of the good times I had over the whole weekend as a NoMi Passenger.
The weekend started right with some great outdoor time in the boring lovely suburb of Plymouth where these wild blackberries were fun to snack along the trail. 

Before heading to Plymouth we stopped at a specialty store and picked up a little something to keep the father-son duo occupied and entertained for the weekend. 

This was my view from the park bench while the boys did their treasure hunting. Told you Plymouth was boring lovely.

Next to the metal detector store was a Mexican Mercado corner store. We spotted a yummy looking treat to share, peanut pudding. Oddly enough the actual nuts in the pudding were pecans. And it jiggled like jello.

There was a spontaneous trip to the super-awesome dog park at Minnehaha Park. If you haven't been there, with or without a dog, it's a MUST. I'll be your tour guide if you'd like. It goes down down down then BAM! It opens up to the banks of the Mississippi River. Camera difficulties made this one of the few clear photos of the trip but take my word, it's a must see. 

There were a few extremely worn out critters of the two and four legged variety.  C'mon guys, the car is RIGHT THERE!

Now on to more important things, like this delicious pitcher of Vodka infused with herbs and fresh cukes. On the rocks with a splash of LaCroix sparkling water. D'lish! Thanks, Ann!

Let's see that beautiful thing from another angle. 

The Fourth of July celebration on the Jordan Pond was filled with beautiful people. Like Azja, newly 18, and  Baby Noah, newly five months. 

And these two beautiful young ladies visiting us from Job Corp in St Paul. 

And this lovely lady. No, those flaming hot Cheetos are NOT made locally. 

But they were eaten locally. 

And these cute little munchkins sharing something yummy with each other. 

And this gentleman, who didn't even have to open his mouth to make a bold statement. 

Some new Jordan neighbors, Saul and his wife Nancy. Welcome!

And these two lovely ladies, Jacqui and Alexis a.k.a. "The Mommies"

Oh, the suffering we all endure at a Jordan neighborhood gathering. Please. Don't force me to eat that vanilla cake with fresh berries and decadent caramel sauce. Please. No. I'm pleading.

 I always knew that guy was full of hot air. 

It wouldn't be America's birthday without sparklers. 

Not even my  fancy "fireworks setting" on my camera can begin to capture the glory of a NoMi Orchestrated Happenstance fireworks show. 

Anthony Titus, this is dedicated to you, my friend. 

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