Thursday, February 10, 2011

Detroit Mayor Offers Cops Abandoned Homes For $1000

Recently, I wrote about encouraging the Mayor and City Council to take some drastic measures to fill the empty homes in NoMi by offering them up for $1, perhaps by starting with city employees.

Today, I saw this news headline of something similar taking place in Detroit.  Detroit Mayor Dave Bing is offering abandoned homes to police officers for only $1000.

I'm super excited to see this happening there because I think it will strengthen the likelihood that we will get some action like this here in Minneapolis.

Go ahead and take a few minutes to write to all the council members and the Mayor and encourage them to follow Mayor Bing's lead and let's get it started! We're already half a decade into this housing crisis!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

An Open Letter to Don Allen of IBNN News (And Other Blogs)

Stock photo of dead carolina poisonous snake seems appropriate here

Normally, I reserve this space for all that is good in north Minneapolis. We have an endless calendar of social events and fun times that make for some half way decent photo blogging, but today calls for something more dark and serious here. Sorry in advance.

Dear Don Allen,

Give it up. Your anonymous JHG schtick is up. You are the only one left believing that there is a single person reading your crap that can't put two and two together and easily realize who is behind the controls at JHG.  Yeah, sure, tomorrow you are gonna blog about another wild crazy accusation that is wrong, so wrong. You are nothing if not predictable.

I'm sure you've had some help from your malcontent misfit friends.  It was even pretty clever what you tried to do yesterday with your stock quote thingy.  Too bad it was so transparent.  Too bad you were out of the court building by 2:15pm.  {I saw ya, in the red Jeep with Terry, I waved. You didn't wave back :( }

Don, no one is left pondering who is the anonymous hate blogger.  You aren't fooling anyone. Just like I told you last July, it's pretty obvious and your fingerprints are all over it.

I'm sorry you are suffering from mental illness.  I feel kinda bad for you.  But things don't have to be this way Don, just take your meds every day like the doctors told you and I'm sure you'll be feeling better again soon.

You've written some pretty slanderous stuff, Don.  Now it can all be traced back to you.  How is that going to affect your life, Don? How are people going to be expected to do business with you when it's common knowledge you've been doing this "anonymous" hate blogging for these many months now? And how about Bad Mpls? Another slanderous blog attacking folks with lies.  Yeah, pretty cute how the other day "Bad Mpls" was even a guest writer on your IBNN site.

Don, don't you realize you aren't producing the effect you desire? Nobody is believing your crap.  The only reason anyone even goes there is to watch the virtual train wreck that is taking place.  Don, don't you realize you are like the equivalent of a kid at the bus stop having a seizure and pissing on himself? That's why everyone is staring at you Don.  You are virtually pissing your pants and trying to claim you are not. Despite your wet pants and the puddle on the ground.

Oh, and before I leave out your friend Jim Watkins, I gotta ask him something.

Jim, how does it feel to be conned by Don Allen? Yeah, conned. Remember, a few months ago, you were bragging about how JHG was so connected and so powerful. How JHG was gonna lay the smack down and the NoMi activists weren't going to know what hit them?  That JHG had all kinds of access to city information and so much leverage to throw around?  Ummmm, yeah. Turns out it's just Don Allen.  LOL.  Sorry,Jim, nice try though.

So in closing, Don, you can carry on your pretenses if you must.  But just know that no one, no one, is fooled. And no one is changing up their game because of you and JHG.

And since you say you are suing me, then I guess I'll see you in court.  Let me know the date.  I'll bring copies of this letter.  It'll be like de ja vu from when Ben tried to sue me. Good times.