Thursday, May 26, 2011

Nomi Tornado - Just A Few Photos

Looking out  my back door

My already famous American flag was down the street, a friend fetched it and stuck it in my window box.

Bike Cops For Kids founder Mark Klukow stopped by and posed on my open attic floor


  1. Wow! What a mess! So sad to see such destruction. I am so glad to hear more people were not hurt and I'm keeping your community in my prayers!

  2. GOODNESS GRACIOUS!! Unbelievable!

  3. Hi there,

    I am also a North Minneapolis resident and blogger, we have some photos of damage on our blog as well from our area, I think we were near the start:
    It breaks my heart seeing the devastation through out NOMI. Our damage stinks, but it is minor in comparison to others. I hope to get out and volunteer this weekend. I am sorry to hear about your house, this is just so terrible!

  4. Hi Carla, thanks for dropping by here, and for sharing your blog - it looks wonderful, but I'm also sorry you had the limb come all the way through - whoa! I feel the same as you do, I feel fortunate that I'm not in need and that my damage is repairable. And it is indeed sad and emotionally heavy to see our neighborhoods in such devastation.

    Hey, the good news is the finished repairs project is a good reason to have a party, right?

    I look forward to meeting you in person!

  5. Thanks to all the friends and neighbors who responded to my phone calls and came to help Megan. You know who you are. Special thanks to the friend who picked up the American flag, first thing, and hung it from the window box. NoMi will rebuild, better and stronger, and maybe even tear down some crap that NEEDED to be torn down.