Thursday, October 28, 2010

Vote For Chanda Smith Baker for School Board

In my last post I shared a commentary piece written by school board candidate Chanda Smith Baker.  Today, I'm sharing a couple of video endorsements from two of our city council representatives.  The first one is City Council Vice President Robert Lilligren who represents parts of South Minneapolis, an area that has some of the same inner city challenges like NoMi has.  The second endorsement is from City Councilwoman Elizabeth Glidden.  He ward is also in South Minneapolis and straddles the interstate, so her ward might be more similar to Diane Hofstede's ward in that it's got some of the same race and class divisions like Ward 3, very challenging to represent, indeed.

I'll be sharing more Chanda Smith Baker videos in the next few days and I hope you will also share them and spread the word of the excellent candidacy of Ms. Baker, we need her on the school board.

Election day is next Tuesday, November 2nd.


  1. I voted for Chandra Smith Baker, absentee, all the way from South Carolina.

  2. Here is a link to an article about the recount.

  3. If Smith-Baker had been elected, maybe the $15,000 contract with con man Don Allen would have never happened. I hope she runs again. We can't afford these kind of mistakes.