Sunday, July 25, 2010

Everyday, Extraordinary Life in NoMi

Get to NoMi, You will LuvMi. 

The day to day pleasures of life in NoMi are simple and yet complex. Beautiful and ordinary at the same time. Exciting and mundane. In a lot of ways it is a day to day life that meets or beats the quality of life else where in the city. Some aspects are even better (can you say "no airport noise"?).  A lot of the life in NoMi is what you make of it, and I'm fortunate enough to have both the tenacity and the friends to make the best of each day, even in the face of enormous challenges, ugly, gritty social struggles, and some negative living conditions that can sometimes be felt at the core of one's being.  All the more reason to soak up the goodness that NoMi offers to each and every one of us.

Today a little photo blogging and tidbits of commentary will highlight much of what the good life can be in NoMi.  A life that those who aren't here may not imagine exists in NoMi-land.  A life so good, it must be experienced first hand to fully grasp the well-kept secret. (Note, all pictures are from the Jordan Neighborhood, so called "roughest of the rough".  Let's see if the pictures keep up that street rep.)

First, the housing stock is the best kept secret in the city:
Some are exploding with someone's love.

Some are breathtakingly gorgeous. 

Some are painstakingly restored and become spawns of revitalization.

Some are simple, unique and irreplaceable.

Some could be easily switched  for a Linden Hills standard.

Some are waiting for the right homeowner to snatch up a good deal.

Some will charm you back to the Old Country.

Some have been recently acquired and are literally changing the landscape of our streets.

Some are so beautiful, yet so shy, you just get a split second glimpse before the veil of trees disguises what might be and forces you to imagine and wonder.

Some are not peaches and honey, yet hold battle stories that will be passed on generation to generation and continue to ripple the universe for years into the future. 

Some you might pass everyday and not really stop to take in the full glory that an 
ordinary structure offers to the beholder. 

Some have the most abundant potential of anywhere in the city. 

Next, let's highlight some of the other buildings that create our everyday hardscape around us:

Award Winning Buildings. 

Colorful, interesting facades. 


Revitalization battles and victories. 

Opportunities for new funkiness. 

Ditto. {can anyone picture a garden nursery at either of these two locations?)

Strikingly quaint. 

Reminders to push forth with revitalization efforts. 

Most of the day to day NoMi life involves the good people, good times, good food, good life:

Tiring out the dog while doing litter patrol and waving to the neighbors. 

Making a batch of sun tea with mint from the garden and fresh limes (thank you So-low.)

Simple cuttings from the garden. 

Brunch with good friends. 

Birthday party baking with 10 year-olds. 

Indulging in the results is almost as sweet as the time spent with joyful young gals.


Another celebration, more private, more unique.

Being a good neighbor in times of crisis. 

Just hangin'.

Gardens to brighten everyday life. 

Gardens that also....

provide nourishment...

in a not so everyday sort of way. 

Getting global delicacies like African Snail meat at So-low for so low. 

Small nodes of goodness, like this alley entrance filled with someone's good energy. 

Rosemary plants as gifts from loved ones. 

Baked Brie and apples while doing homework, thanks again So-Low.

Escaping to the prairie, two blocks away.

Being part of the village that raises the next generation. 

Enjoying a friend's garden while letting her dog out.  Neighbors helping neighbors.

Backyard bon fires. Lots and lots of bonfires. Almost always with roasted marshmallows.

And lotsa bon fires involve roasting peeps, it's a NoMi tradition.

This picture story could go on endlessly, day to day life in NoMi is adventurous and vibrant. Bringing a camera everywhere makes for infinite story telling. 

Get to NoMi.


  1. Very nice. :) This should be in a real estate brochure.

  2. I think this is the most heart warming thing I have ever read about NoMi!