Thursday, August 19, 2010

Banana Blossom Restaurant on Lowry Avenue

1742 Lowry Ave N Minneapolis, MN 55411 near Knox

The other day I was traveling down Lowry Ave when something bright, new, different caught my eye. It was a new sign I hadn't seen before. Banana Blossom Southeast Asian Cuisine.  I thought to myself, well, what *was* there before?  I remembered it was Good Deal Restaurant.  Right near Good Deal Grocery, where Knox meets Lowry.

A few days later I had the chance to stop in for some take-out dinner.  Turns out it's the same owner operators as Good Deal, they are just making a name change.  Don't worry, it's still a good deal!  I ordered the pineapple pork stir fry but no photos to share due to camera malfunctions. It was very tasty, a tad spicy, but not too much for my Scandinavian palette.

While I was there for take out, I saw they advertised a lunch buffet. So I made a point to stop in during lunch time to photograph the lunch offerings. I didn't eat lunch there, so I can't testify, but I'll let the pictures do their thing with a thousand words and all that.

Large servings of Pho. Not quite visible is a large plate of fresh accoutrements
Note the buffet carry out option for those on the go.
Open until 8 daily, except Wednesday until 7
*these aren't ALL the menu pages, just some of them*


  1. Thanks for posting about all the new restaurants in the area. What was the most unique item you tried?

  2. For sure, the most unique item I tried was the steamed troll over rice served with a side of locally grown no-life.

    Now get lost. I won't be indulging you here anymore.

  3. we went there the other week for a lunch meeting! it was perfect for our group of 6! this might sound the wrong way but considering some of the businesses we have around here, i couldn't believe how clean and nice the restaurant was! i was so happy about it and for our northside business list to patron.

  4. My wife and I went there for dinner tonight, she saw your writing about it, otherwise we hadn't heard of it. It was good. I def recommend going. Of course it's not 5 stars but who needs 5 stars and leave your paycheck at the restaurant, right? We nomi folks like our simple diversity, thank you very much.

  5. Doesn't look like they changed at all. Maybe the name. A full Hmong buffet is hard to find.

  6. I hope their pho changed, I'm thinking of giving them another shot.

  7. The other day I happen to try out this restuarant call Banana Blossom and i very enjoyed it. Thanks NoMi. I order the pho while my girlfriend order the fried rice and padthai with chicken. Its was very good and very different then the chinese restaurant we always attend. The pho was very good compare to most shop and the broth was very fresh which mades it even better. The fried rice and padthai was great also but the padthai was not as spicy as I thought; but it was still good. There customer service is awesome compare to most store. We were greet nicely as we walk in which is strange on the north side and they were very generous and recommend what goods and very helpful and not pesting us to hurry. I wish they deliver, I would be eating Pho everday or the padthai.

  8. You can find a full hmong restaurant in St. Paul called Rice Palace off white bear lake.