Friday, September 2, 2011

Time to Lift the Tornado Clean Up Grace Period

All of these photos were taken last weekend, August 27 and 28.  Over three months after the tornado.  And they are all from an approximate radius of three blocks from my house, this isn't even the whole tornado zone.

As a person who is working hard to get house and yard put back together, I am taking a certain liberty to declare a "time's up for clean up" work after the tornado.  I am not talking repairs and rebuilds, lord knows how complicated that is. I'm simply referring to cleaning up. Removing damaged fixtures and debris. Getting yards as neat and tidy as possible. Cleaning up the mess that I call the "garbage disposal effect", when a house, yard or garage looks like it got spit out of a garbage disposal.
What are you waiting for dude? Grab a ladder and a trash can!
So, revitalizers, feel free to call 3-1-1 or send emails to  to report debris, trash, messy yards, damaged fences and other house, garage, and yard type stuff that really should be cleaned up by now so we all can begin to return to some normalcy as soon as possible.

The messy, overgrown yard isn't even the best part. Check out the house way in the back ground, no more second story, totatly exposed to the elements, hidden behind an overgrown jungle.
How much  longer do we have to live where it looks like bombs dropped from the sky?
Trying to live in a disaster zone is hard for everyone.  It's past time for everyone - slumlords, decent landlords and homeowners and business owners to all do our part to clean up the mess and put the pieces back together. Restore some order and neatness while bigger repairs continue and improvements move into place. 
C'mon people, it's been over three months!
This is the "garbage disposal effect" I was referring to.
"Neighborhood leaders are all, like, WTF?!!!"

It's been this way for over a month folks.
How long will these sit here?
See the trash can right there? Use it.
I don't even have words for this.
There are lawn mowers and weed whackers for rent at Northend. Just sayin'.
Santa will be needing that chimney soon. Get on it people.
Nice dumping. Real nice.
There are some revitalizers that would love to burn this up in their back yard fire pit.

This business didn't look much better before the tornado. Put it out of its misery!

I wish it would fall on the building and do us all a favor.

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  1. When the shrimps and lobsters are all eaten and the 40's all drank, party's over. Back to business as usual.