Saturday, August 20, 2011

After the Tornado: A Photo Collection of Month 1

JACC Treasurer Denny Wagner sponsored six thank you signs to post around Jordan for the big volunteer weekends
Within days after the tornado, this Red Cross outreach vehicle was making regular stops on my block, passing out snacks and meals of apples, oranges, cookies, sandwiches, water and other stuff.  The volunteers made talk with folks asking how they were doing, how were other folks in the family, etc.
Sadly, living through a tornado is a good way to meet neighbors.
The emotional toll can be seen on the faces of children.
This little gal had never seen herself on camera.

The heaved up sidewalks make a great perch.

Faith based organizations mobilized their volunteers.

Despite the tornado, other neighborhood clean up must continue.
During the big city organized volunteer day, this group of neighbors moved a huge pile of roofing debris to my back alley.
Here's the volunteers before they moved on to the next house.  I got to meet some new neighbors from Jordan. Robert and Marlee a/k/a "James Neighbor" are on the far right.
"Thank You Northside Volunteers"
This is what I mean when I say houses look like they've been put through a garbage disposal.
Neighborly love flowing strong at the Jordan Pond.
And of course roasting peeps! (yes, peeps, the sugar coated marshmallows - try it!)


  1. Second picture from the bottom, is that Babe-ry Avery?

    If so, I can't believe how much she's grown since I left for deployment the first week of May...

  2. Yup, that's Babery Avery - and Baby Andrew next to her.