Monday, October 4, 2010

Mill City Farmer's Market - October 2, 2010 - Photo (And Video!) Journal

In my previous entry, I mentioned the awesomeness that is called the Mill City Farmer's Market, and how there are just two more opportunities to experience the amazing sights, sounds, smells, tastes and yes, even amazing things to touch with your very own hands. The market is open Saturdays 8-1 and the closing celebration day is Saturday October 16.  Be sure to get there this season. Here is a photo journal and a fun little musical clip to enjoy today.

I was there to help Stefan at the Local D'lish General Store.

Local D'lish employee Stefan Meyer and two loyal D'lish customers, Bob and Mary.
MCFM does a super good zero waste effort.  They try to compost everything.
Cute munchkins get to roam the market each Saturday while their parents sell their wares.
I hear their chicken empanadas are awesome.
Some of the most beautiful jewelry I've ever seen is right here.
Market Chef Heather Hartman made a 'Winter Squash-Red Lentil-Coconut Curry' and a 'Red Cabbage-Apple-Pistachio Salad in Maple-Apple-Mustard-Shallot Vinaigrette'
The sample of above. Delicious! Email me if you want the recipes!
Former 5th Ward council aide, Jose Velez, and his better half Rosemary with their son Bobby.  The apple donuts they are enjoying were also getting a lot of buzz around the market. 
This little munchkin picked out a carrot for a horse, which he hid behind his back as if my camera would snatch it straight from his little hands.  Now, off to find the horse. (Note, there was no horse at MCFM!)
The market sits right under the famous Gold Medal Flour sign.
These folks were having a great time, some of them were visiting from Costa Rica.

Well-known local artist Adam Turman created this "Eat Locally" print for the Local D'lish store. They are available at Local D'lish. I have the other version, done in red instead of blue.
Super cute little gourds.
A mini-farm for kids to get up close to where their food comes from.
State Senator Linda Higgins and her hubby Brian Bushay are often at the MCFM with their wee-beasties.  Linda said she has seven (7!) farmer's markets in her district! Woo-hoo!  We should get a prize for that.
A variety of Goat cheese products to sample and buy.
Their goat farm is a little bit south of Northfield.  The pictures looked like my kind of heaven.
This goat's milk laundry soap is available at Local D'lish.  It sells fast and becoming really popular.


  1. Megan I LOVE these pictures! Can we get them onto our website/facebook somehow?? Thank you so much for sharing these.
    Local D'Lish

  2. Hey Woms! I'll get them to you to post!