Saturday, October 2, 2010

Virtual Tour of Growing Lots Urban Farm

If growing your own food, with plenty left over to share with friends and family, makes you as happy and grounded as Stefan Meyer, sign me up.  I met Stefan through my good friend Ann and her local foods store Local D'lish.  He couldn't be any nicer, any more authentic, entertaining or bright even if he was designer made in a future human creating science lab.  Stefan has become Ann's right hand man, helping immensely and bringing an amazing amount of urban farming and local food passion to an already wonderful driver of the whole food movement.

I first visited Stefan's urban farm, Growing Lots, earlier this summer, when the potato vines were spilling over in abundance and the crops were at their peak.  My camera was having emergency surgery and I was kicking myself for not having a back up.  No worries, though.  Growing Lots wasn't going away and I figured I'd just connect with Stefan as soon as my camera was recovered, coincidentally my phone happened to ring as we were there, telling me to come pick up my camera from the hospital.

But connecting with this in-demand urban ag guru turned out to be much harder than anticipated. Seriously.  This fella needs an appointment setter just to pencil me in.  Fortunately, today I had him cornered at the Mill City Farmer's Market;  he could not escape me now; I stalked him all the way back to Seward while he pedaled his bike in the crisp, bright autumn sunshine.

So here you go NoMi passengers, a virtual tour of Growing Lots Urban Farm.  I bring this to you so you can lust and fantasize during the upcoming "W" months (I refuse to say that word, for fear of summonsing it here sooner than necessary).  You can cozy up to the snow banked windows and map out your own urban farm.  However, if you want fresh, homegrown garlic, as I do, you'll need to drop those babies in the ground soon.

By the way, did I mention how popular this guy is?

If you want to enjoy the awesomeness that is the Mill City Farmer's Market,  you've got just two Saturdays to do so. And I highly recommend rearranging your schedule to make that happen. It's one of my favorite places in the city.  The energy is awesome, the location is amazing.  The food, vendors, people watching; it's just awesome.  I'll post more photos soon.  But get there yourself before it comes to a close in two weeks.  Saturdays 8-1, next to the Guthrie Theater.

Then starting in November, pencil in the third Saturday of each month for the Indoor Market at Local D'lish.  A great thing to do on a "W" Saturday to remind us that we haven't frozen to death and the thaw will come.  Just not soon enough. It will be a little slice of the Mill City Market, picked up and set inside for a few months.  See you there!


  1. Nice article, Megan. Thanks for the link to Seward Profile. For even more info on Farmer Stefan, we have our Urban Farmer of Seward blog:

  2. Thanks Peter! You guys are doing a great job there in Seward. I love visiting your neighborhood. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Thank you Megan! This is terrific.
    Local D'Lish