Saturday, September 4, 2010

Run, Don't Walk, to The Goddess of Glass Art and Gift Shoppe in NoMi

Today I get to take fellow NoMi Passengers on a virtual shopping trip to the new art and gift shoppe in NoMi.

The Goddess of Glass, who sometimes goes by Connie Beckers, has opened a beautiful shoppe in the heart of NoMi at the up-and-coming intersection of Penn and Lowry.  You'll find The Goddess just west of the famous Northend Hardware and Rental store and directly next door to a soon-to-be cafe, hopefully called Lowry Diner.  Darryl from Northend is working with a foodie guy (not the original foodies who were hoping to open here, but a different guy).  Sounds like they are hammering out the menu theme, so if you have any suggestions, I suggest you head on into Northend, buy some hardware and leave your friendly opinion in Darryl's ear.  Knowing how community minded they are, I'm sure they would welcome the input on what is going to bring in the customers.

Now, for the virtual shopping trip.  I'm about to share a whole bunch of photos with you, but don't let this be a substitute for an in person visit! The shoppe is superb and amazing and nothing can beat a real, live visit.  Never mind the fact that you can't support this local business through my blog.  So put it on your to-do list and think of what gifts you need to purchase soon, there really is something for everyone here.
Your favorite piece of kid art....
forever captured in glass! Awesome gift for parents and grandparents!
The Goddess's graduated apprentice did the peacocks!
I'm in love with this lamp... but I'm in love with everything in this shoppe. sigh.
pardon the reflections everywhere, but there is so much glass and light it's impossible to not get a glare!
A little nook to deposit your teabag! Cue-it!
The Goddess is always grooving to this music
Pick a beautiful glass pendant...
And hook it on your neck wire... voila!
I bet this candle holder throws off gorgeous flickers
Another, larger, candle holder
So much fun, funky jewelry that a girl like me could be endlessly happy
This artist can take your own image, or choose from her library, and she'll apply and divide it like this - very cool!
The Goddess sez it's not for sale... but... anything is for sale for the right price, no?
The Goddess shows off more art
The Goddess of Glass Shoppe is a conduit for local artists and service providers. Need portraits done? Need computer repair?  Check here.


  1. The Goddess announced to her facebook world that the Fire and Ice Peacocks (done by her graduated apprentice) have now sold! Look for new art to fill the bare window space!


    The Goddess of Glass & Friends is located on the SW corner of Lowry & Penn and is open Thursday thru Saturday, 10am to 6pm. In addition to all this cool stuff in the shoppe, I teach classes in my studio, make custom windows and things for the shoppe. Visit my website for all the deets.

  3. Great work! Thanks for having your business in NoMi. Nice to have great art work in our neighborhood to brag about and show my coworkers. Thanks, James Nelson

  4. Very excited to visit the shop! see you soon.

  5. Anonymous said...
    go ga ga!

    September 10, 2010 3:23 PM

    GaGa is what my Grandkids call me, and some of my friends for fun ;-)