Friday, September 24, 2010

Laugh for the Day - The Busy Hectic Life of NoMi Revitalizer

they aren't even
A fun hearted laugh at my expense...

Keeping up with neighborhood volunteering and the activism life as a NoMi revitalizer can be hectic and hurried.  This morning I got a glaring reminder to slow down and have a good natured laugh at life, ya know, keep my celebrity status from blowing up my head too much (sarcasm font). (after all, people are very concerned with my footwear, as already documented elsewhere...kisses to my fan club!)

This morning, sitting next to my front door, where I removed my rain soaked shoes at 9pm last evening upon returning from the Northside Transportation Network light rail meeting held at UROC, I noticed two different shoes sitting by the front door. Not two different pairs of shoes. Two different shoes.  I wore two different shoes last evening as I hurried out the door to get to UROC by the six o'clock start time.

It reminded me of Mayor Rybak and his mismatched socks.  Needless to say it gave me and my morning coffee NoMi Homie a good chuckle.

Word of advice: if you are hurrying out the door to get to a NoMi revitalization meeting, double check your shoes and socks. (Don Samuels, I'm talking to you!)

Happy Friday NoMi Homies! xoxo

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