Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Music and Art Festival in NoMi - This Sunday!

image found on NAC site

As I write this, I'm sitting at the highly enjoyable 42nd Avenue Station coffee shop in the Camden area of NoMi and trying a delicious piece of wild rice and ham quiche - it is fantastic.  {I thought I would have my favorite, but I opted for something new - I highly recommend it!}

This coffee shop always has so much going on in the realm of art- live music, art showings, NoMi related gatherings - that I had almost forgotten an upcoming event I first saw on facebook, until I was reminded by a brightly colored flyer placed here on the coffee table.

This coming Sunday, August 22, 42nd Avenue Station is sponsoring a Music and Artisan Festival. The event flyer advertises live music, food, and live artisans all held rain or shine and with free attendance. Further details reveal there will be "fun people... GREAT FOOD... community... PEOPLE WATCHING... original pieces and inspiring finds!"  "Sponsored by 42nd Avenue Station, a local business promoting local artists while serving up the finest coffee, tea and sandwiches this side of the Mississippi." {Well, there might be a few who disagree with THAT statement, but we do have some good coffee shops, just not enough of them!}

So if you're around NoMi on Sunday, looking for something to do, head to 42nd and Lyndale between 10am and 7pm.   If you are interested in being a vendor call them at 612-710-8177.

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  1. lol! i'm glad they will feature live artisans and not dead ones!