Friday, August 13, 2010


The now famous Bat Shirt guarding my luggage. XoXo

It's August, and for some of us in NoMi this time of year has become known as Bat Season. A few of us are collecting quite a few hair-raising bat stories including three-on-one mortal air combat (clarification: three bats, one brave man). But the baby holding a sleeping (stunned) bat might be the champion bat story so far.

With NoMi's lovely stock of older homes it's no wonder how they end up inside when, really, everyone would much rather they remain outside, including the ugly little terrors. I know, I know, they are environmentally friendly, but why do they have to be so creepy?

Be on the lookout in your home and share your bat stories here!


  1. We had a bat get in to our house last summer. It took 3 hours of chasing it with brooms and tennis rackets to finally get that thing to fly out of the open windows! It was terrifying for sure!

  2. No, terrifying is your proud and new to the walking world on year old son presenting you (proudly) with a bat in hand...If I had not been so scared I would have snapped a picture of that incredible moment.

    Passenger is right - that story beats all other bat stories.

  3. That baby is going to grow up to become a NoMi superhero. Folks know I've taken down a few bats in my time, but I've never gone after one with my BARE HANDS.

    Unlike, say, adult snapping turtles...