Friday, November 12, 2010

Don Samuels' Fall Fundraiser Is The Social Event Of The Season (November 17, Local D'Lish)

Don Samuels enjoys pumpkin soup at Local D'Lish

Next Wednesday, November 17, NoMi folks will have a good excuse to gather and celebrate.

The Don Samuels for City Council Campaign Committee is inviting everyone to a fall fundraiser at Local D'Lish.  If you are looking for a good opportunity to meet some Northside neighbors, some city movers and shakers or the famous Don and Sondra Samuels...this is your perfect opportunity.

Don Samuels fights tirelessly for public safety, quality housing and economic development. His eloquence and vision have changed the way the whole city of Minneapolis looks at itself, increasing understanding and compassion between people and communities.

At this event, revitalizers from around the Northside will gather, mingle, eat, drink and be merry.  Laughs will be shared over fresh local food.  Revitalizing battle stories will be shared of lap dogs being saved from snarling pit bulls, court battles waged and won, and amazing 311 success stories. There might be some friendly one-upmanship in the relating of such tales.  Of course, dry-yet-important topics such as economic development and city projects around NoMi will be touched upon for the benefit of policy geeks.     

You may be asking yourself, "There is no city council election right now, why is the campaign committee having a fundraiser?"  Well, you will just have to come and ask Don yourself!